AV performance

UGLIMAN is an experiment to connect with today’s dreanged reality. A fictional person who is walking at the streets, looking for patterns, collecting and interacting. UGLIMAN is the state of observation, the relation to our environment, city and everyday life. The
collaboration of Márk Bartha, Máté Bartha and Máté Kőrösi reveals the insane mystery of
this fictional person. Márk Bartha's album "LOHUMA - UGLIMAN" illustrates this desire of finding connection and the way of searching it with deep registers, noisy and raw musical instruments. The visual material of Máté Bartha and Máté Kőrösi further conveys this idea with fake documentary cinematographic tools through the eyes of UGLIMAN, by reinterpreting visually our relationship with the environment and habits of everyday life.

During the AV performance the flickering scenes and sounds are playfully complementing or counterpointing each other. With live music mixing and real-time controlled editing of the cinematic material, the mutual flow of audio stream and visual cuts merge interactively into a complex AV experience.


Sound composition: Márk BARTHA
Visual composition: Máté BARTHA, Máté KŐRÖSI
Record label: ASAN Budapest
Creative management: Let it Be! art agency
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