The material created during my stay in India between September 2010 and April 2011 was exhibited in Demo Gallery, Budapest, along with the photographs of Zsófia Szonja Illés, and Gábor Klima, in November 2011, curated by Mátyás Csiszár.
In the title of the exhibition "I" could stand for India, but for Imaginary, or the person behind the photographs, the observer as well. I installed every single frame, without selection, and in the exact order of the negative rolls. As the approx. 2000 photos were printed in Mumbai, originally for practical reasons, the show is an experiment on an alternative approach to documentarist photography.
By not using artistic selection, the importance of single frames are left for the viewer to decide. By seeing every erroneus, or repeated image, the attitude of a documentarist photographer becomes visible, where one might follow the creation of an unpublished material picture-by-picture. Recurrent thematic motives are interrupted by single, "personal" images, originally to be edited out, but visible - and very much relevant - here.
In the exhibition space a 5 point sound system was installed, playing an audio loop edited together by Márk Bartha, from original field recordings by me from India. The idea was to create an atmosphere where one might submerge into the stories the installation offers.
Photos from the vernissage
The gallery space
Curator: Mátyás Csiszár
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