Produced and premiered for the exhibition "CURE" at Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, 2021, curated by Judit Gellér. Exhibition views at the bottom of the page.
The seventh day of the week is for rest, for me to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I look around, but my satisfaction freezes into uneasiness. The man-made landscape under the indifferent sky seems to be transformed into a mere memory at this very moment. In my photo series, I explore the emotional dimension of the global uncertainty beyond the necessary alternation and competition of the religious, cultural, and political ideologies increasingly defining the public discourse of recent decades.
Although there have been signs pointing to this for half a century, we are only slowly reaching a consensus about the unsustainability of our modern lifestyle. The vision of a self-consuming mankind and the impending doom has become a popular topic in the media, providing a fertile ground for the imagination of those looking for a way out. A recurring desire is to slow down, to create a society not focused on accumulating material things. After all, a gear shift in our everyday life was brought forth by the pandemic, and the subsequent emergency breaks. This phenomenon provides a number of lessons for the future, but it primarily sheds light on our economic and emotional vulnerability. 
In the ensuing silence, this is the first time some people allow themselves a day of relaxation and spending time with their families. Yet, as time sheds off its familiar skin, it leaves some people in a painful vacuum, with aimless and amorphous days following one after the other. This contrast speaks above all about the maze called civilization we have built around ourselves.
When I look around, it seems that my environment regains a new consciousness as it is liberated from the flurry of its creators. The creation is finally free to observe itself and its creators huddled up in their rooms. In the ocean of cosmic time, the thought of failure suddenly loses gravity; after all, it is rooted in a humankind with only a slender thread of history. In this tense but exceptional moment, we have the opportunity to show acceptance and sympathy for our own smallness and extraordinary uniqueness.
Exhibition views 
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