The installation "Pigeons" was created by Máté Bartha, Tamás Herczeg, and Tibor Magyarics, for a Hungarian IT Company in 2014, Budapest. The inspiration was photography and motion analysis of birds, flocks of pigeons in particular. The life-size pigeon shapes are laser cut, semi-transparent plexi sheets, glued to stainless steel rods. The installation is video-mapped bird-by-bird, and two projectors are placed on the ceiling of the hall. Connected to the projectors, a remote controlled media player is placed inside one of the pillars, in which several "programs" for projection can be accessed and played. The player automatically starts and stops functioning within working hours of the office.
Concept: Máté Bartha, Tibor Magyarics
Object and installation design, installation: Tibor Magyarics
Video mapping, programming and installation of electronics & projection set-up: Tamás "Bios" Herczeg
Video projection: Máté Bartha
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