Get ready for "OCD" (Ordinary Catastrophic Day), the chaotic journey of an order-obsessed person. Choreographed by Emese Nagy and directed by Máté Bartha, the dance film is a German-Hungarian co-production with the support of the cultural organisations Joint Adventures and NPN Stepping OUT. Our jinxed protagonist is torn from the comfort of his home and thrust into the harsh outside world, where he and his newfound friend prepare for a hellish encounter with their nemesis, bureaucracy. Leaving their ordinary lives behind, they inspire us to embrace the chaos within and unleash our own revolution. 

Concept: Máté Bartha, Emese Nagy
Choreography: Emese Nagy
Direction: Máté Bartha
Performance: Emese Nagy, Sándor Petrovics, Zsófia Safranka-Peti
DOP: Mátyás Gyuricza
Editing: Máté Bartha
Set Design: Zsófia Tasnádi
Costumes: Silvia Somarriello
Music: Márk Bartha
Assistant Set Design: Blanka Lukács
Electrician: Bence Olajos
Colorist: Máté Szabó
Production on set: Kristóf Orzói
Producer: Laura Manz
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