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Máté Bartha (1987), is a Budapest-based photographer and documentary filmmaker. He graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Visual Communication, majoring in Photography, and in 2016 from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest, majoring in Documentary Filmmaking. He has been awarded with the Louis Roederer Discovery Award at the Rencontres d’Arles International Photo Festival in 2019. In his artistic focus lies the observation of the metropolis as an organism. He’s interested in theory fiction, dealing with complex philosophical topics with a playful approach that involves impersonation and world-building. He is currently a DLA student of the Doctoral School of MOME.
In this portfolio I have compiled a selection of my work that involve experimental video, video-performance and video installation. I am looking forward to discussing the possibilities of exhibiting within the inspiring spaces of Europa Expérience, Paris.
Apophenia: the word denotes the relationship between unrelated things, the pattern behind phenomena, or the assumption of meaning. The film is an extract from a scientist's imagined visual and audial notes, in which the hidden connections between the places, non-places and inhabitants of Budapest's gigantic organism unfold. 
Film by Máté Bartha
Music by Márk Bartha
The film was commissioned by Budapest Brand for the project ALT.BP - Alternative Cultural Mapping of Budapest!
The music video was created for the album titled "18" by my brother, Márk Bartha, composer, inspired from personal experiences and deep self-reflection. In 2020, at a time when the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were already widely known. In his voluntary quaranteen Máté collected footage from past travels recorded from metro and train windows, and composed a flow of textures matching the music. The decision was made inspired by the paralell nature of personal and global crises (already having existed before the pandemic in an urban culture of cumulation and depletion). Are these stalemates necessary to progress in a different direction, and is it possible to look at crises through its aesthetic aspect?
The 12 minute long experimental video piece was created for my photography exhibition titled ANIMA MUNDI. 
ANIMA MUNDI is about the desperate act of trying to find structure and meaning in the phenomena around us. Civilization is, first and foremost an intellectual and spiritual journey in which we humans are constantly re-evaluating our beliefs of an organizing principle in the world so that all of its arbitrariness fit in a mental construct that we think makes sense. The 'grid' as a shape, often used in these photographs is an allegory for all the schools of thought: religion, philosophy, science - an object we have to reinvent and readjust from time to time so that the things we see through it fall in their supposedly appropriate place.
4. UGLIMÁN - AV performance
The mysterious UGLIMAN is a native of the urban labyrinth, a fictional person who is walking the streets, looking for patterns, collecting and interacting. Through his adventures, he tries to connect with today's deranged reality. The collaboration of Márk Bartha, Máté Bartha and Máté Kőrösi is an experimental, audio-visual performance playfully exploiting the possibilities of sound and moving image, this work is born before our eyes and goes far beyond the traditional cinematic experience. Márk Bartha's album "LOHUMA - UGLIMAN" illustrates this desire of finding connection and the way of searching it with deep registers, noisy and raw musical instruments. The visual material of Máté Bartha and Máté Kőrösi further conveys this idea with fake documentary cinematographic tools through the eyes of UGLIMAN, by reinterpreting visually our relationship with the environment and habits of everyday life. During the AV performance the flickering scenes and sounds are complementing or counterpointing each other. With live music mixing and real-time controlled editing of the cinematic material, the mutual flow of audio stream and visual cuts merge interactively into a complex AV experience.
Sound composition: Márk BARTHA
Visual composition: Máté BARTHA, Máté KŐRÖSI
Record label: ASAN Budapest
The establishment of the László Bertók Poetry Prize is intended to uphold the memory of its eponym and to promote the recognition of art free of ideologies and restrictions, as well as of the outstanding creators of contemporary Hungarian poetry - The videos are made to promote the prize and László Bertók's poetry.  www.blkd.hu

6 x 1'30''
Performed by Márton Patkós
Music by Márk Bartha
Films by Máté Bartha
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