Anima Mundi is a collaborative project with Emese Mucsi, curator of Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Hungary. 
World Soul. A force permeating matter, giving shape and function to its parts and its entirety. The assumption of an organizing principle. 
In his latest multi-media project, Máté Bartha takes on the role of a fictive observer, to create a universe of images, sound, and video to uncover the hidden anatomy of the metropolis as an organism no longer governed by its creators, but becoming the governing force itself. Patterns and different grid structures emerge on and in between the images, standing as an allegory for mankind’s endeavors to make sense of the arbitrary. The “tracing grids” of comprehension are in a state of constant readjustment and reinvention, but the will to make sense remains the same. The exhibition invites the viewer to take part in this investigation by immersing in the material, and by searching for their connections and conclusions.
The installation views are from the series’ solo exhibition from 2022 at TOBE Gallery Budapest, curated by Emese Mucsi, curator of the Robert Capa  Contemporary Photography Center, with an atmospheric sound installation by Márk Bartha​​​​​​

The project was funded by the József Pécsi National Scholarship for Photographers of Hungary.​​​​​​​
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