Music: Márk Bartha
Video: Máté Bartha

The idea of the most recent personal project - the album titled '18' - of Márk Bartha (music composer for theater and film) came to life in 2018. At that time, facing a pause in the flow of life along with a set of personal problems, the artist decided do use the act of creating as self-theraphy. To shape the musical material, Márk drove his inspiration from personal experiences and deep self-reflection.

The music video was created by Márk's brother, Máté Bartha (photographer, director) in 2020, at a time when the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were already widely known. In his voluntary quaranteen Máté collected footage from past travels recorded from metro and train windows, and composed a flow of textures matching the music. The decision was made inspired by the paralell nature of personal and global crises (already having existed before the pandemic in an urban culture of cumulation and depletion). Are these stalemates necessary to progress in a different direction, and is it possible to look at crises through its aesthetic aspect?

The album '18' is going to be published by EXILES in 2020

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