Inspired by the project SH-25, by Milán Rácmolnár
Space design: Andrea Kozma, Milán Rácmolnár, Máté Bartha
Space camera: Milán Rácmolnár, Máté Bartha
Terrestrial footage, vfx, editing: Máté Bartha
Directed by: Máté Bartha
Special thanks to: Mátyás Csiszár, Tamás Kovács, Ká Zoltán
The video was premiered on Inverted Audio:
"Following the release of Hungarian duo 12z‘s second album ‘Trembling Air‘ on Nicolas Jaar Other People imprint, we’re now glad to premiere the music video for the chilled downtempo ‘Of Roots Hardly Known‘ cut, directed by Máté Bartha.
Inspired by Milán Ráczmolnár’s photographic project ‘SH-25‘, Bartha recreates a fictional solar system with the help of painter Andrea Kozma, setting up an unlikely meeting between a cosmogony of plastic balls and ordinary daily life scenes, putting in perspective these ‘roots hardlyknown’ in question through ever-changing lenses.
The use of risography breathes in a coloured and psychedelic atmosphere to the video, reminiscent of Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘s stargate sequence and delivering a poetic and scale-shifting ode to the cyclic nature of things."
- Vittoria de Franchis / Inverted Audio
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