for Capa Grand Prize Fellowship

First Contact (Working Title)

The term “first contact” is used to describe the first engagement of two opposing military squads. It is also used by groups who use so-called airsoft weapons, which are hobby versions of real life guns. The association named “Honvédsuli” (Home defense school) is one of them. As an organization, they are commited to teach discipline, patriotism, and camaraderie to children between 10 and 18.

Puberty is also the ground of first contacts with expectations, responsibility, or the other gender. This series of photos report from military-themed camps for adolescents. Kids teach the usage of weapons to other kids. They camp under the sky, guard a fire, hike, sing together. They get a few bruises, have a hard time doing push-ups, and they discipline each other. They’re determined, and sometimes lazy, or in love.
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